1 And 2 Corinthians: Finding Your Unique Place in God's Plan
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God’s plan for you includes a personal mission, spiritual gifts to help you fulfill your calling, and a lifestyle that is glorifying to Him and a blessing to other people. The apostle Paul was clear and directed about his own place in God’s plan but many of us are like the Christians living in Corinth and still have some questions. What is my God-given assignment? What do true spirituality and maturity look like? How can I continue to serve when people misunderstand or attack me? Is all my work really doing any good? Listen in as Paul tackles these issues with the Corinthian church and learn along with them as Paul explains God’s will for his people. As you do, you’re sure to discover your own unique place in God’s plan.
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I think this is a great start to a bible study, but because I own the NIV application study bible, most of the information in this book was not new, because it was in my bible already. There are things that are not in my bible so I still appreciated this study. I think it is great because the authors do a great job at explaining things in a perspective we can understand. I have bought other bible studies in this series. So I recommend these books over other book studies.

This is a great study of Corinthians. It is well written and in plain language that is easy for everyone to understand. We are using it for a Bible study that meets in our home. The chapter size lends itself well to a 60-90 minute session. These same authors have written books on other books of the Bible, and we plan to use some of those in future studies.