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CREATE - LIVE - BELIEVE - ENGAGE - RELATE is a content and social media experience that delivers engaging content on faith and culture. Our site is a free place where people can access content and connect with a community of believers and spiritual seekers on a variety of culturally relevant topics such as Creative Arts, Film, Music, Spirituality, Global Concerns, Relationships and more.

At you can…

Connect with featured communicators on culturally relevant topics
Converse about the latest news and current events
Create your own content for the community delivers content in three formats:

  • COLUMNST (our featured writers on faith & culture):

    • We have a large number of writers who are creating daily content in the form of blogs, podcasts and videos. Our blog roll features communicators who are actively engaging their faith and writing about their experiences in key areas of the world. We have writers in missions across the world, professors who are experts in their field of education, pastors, as well as industry professionals in the Film industry, the Arts community, the Music world, Apologetics and more. To view original content click on Blogs or Topics at the top navigation menu. This content is available to for free to all users on our site.

  • THE CURRENT (news submitted by users just like you)

    • This area of delivers current events and faith-based news in the form of User Submitted news news feeds, video links and blogs. News feeds consist of timely and relevant content links from traditional news site and bloggers out in the web community.  If you find a cool video on the web, share it in the video section of The Current.  Aslo, users who blog on other blog sites can post their blogs into the 'Your Blogs' section of The Current.  This is a great way to grow your own personal audience by joining The Current conversation.  To view this section, click The Current on the top navigation menu.

  • unDiscovered (our Indie Media Channel showcasing your MUSIC & ART):

    • The undiscovered area of is made up of emerging musicians, filmmakers, artists and writers who are seeking exposure and feedback on their original content. In this area users can stream new music, watch up-and-coming short films on faith, read through essays on a wide variety of topics and check out the latest art designed by the believers. To view unDiscovered content, click on unDiscovered on the top navigation menu.

For additional information about, check out our FAQ section.


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