It Is for Freedom

From Roe v. Wade to lesbianism to birth control, women’s liberation movements have made it their platform to give women a right over their own bodies.

Some good and some not so good have come out if it. But fast forward to today, and we see that women are once again in a fight for liberation.

But this time, it is a personal fight and one that is more often fought all alone. In the last ten years especially, our culture of sexually provocative advertising and media have aided in the trans- formation of women from sexually submissive into sexually aggressive...and sexually obsessed.

As such, this is resulting in a rapidly growing addiction to pornography and sexual promiscuity among women today.

In the New York Times last year an article was written about me, groups I lead, Dirty Girls Ministries, and this whole issue of women’s addiction to pornography.

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Cleaning Up After the Elephants

We often get fixated on the elephant. The big pink elephants that stomp around the rooms of our lives. You know which ones I am talking about. It's the ones that no one else likes to talk about. You step around it. You fix the things it breaks. Problem is pretty soon, you just can't ignore it anymore.

So let's say you get to that point. The rare occasion of acknowledging the elephant for what it is. What happens once we get the elephant out the door?

As you can imagine, elephants leave behind quite a mess. A path of destruction that trampled on everything you worked so hard to build... and don't forget the piles of umm ..... stuff ..... it also left behind.

It's not pretty.

You see it's not just the elephant we have to worry about. We also have to take time to clean up after it’s gone. You might not be able to see the elephant anymore, but the scent lingers and will soon take over.

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Dirty Girls Come Clean

Crystal Renaud is Founder and Executive Director of Dirty Girls Ministries, a non-for-profit ministry helping women struggling with pornography and sexual addiction. Founded by Crystal in February 2009, the desire of Dirty Girls Ministries is to break through the stigmatic barriers that are keeping women in bondage to this addiction. Crystal has used the experience gained from her own 8-year pornography addiction to counsel hundreds of women as well as writes and speaks in various venues on the topic. 

In your book "Dirty Girls Come Clean," you write about your personal battle with pornography addiction. When were you first subject to pornography and how did you come to believe that you were addicted?

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In her new book, Dirty Girls Come Clean, Crystal Renaud, founder of Dirty Girls Ministries, provides steps to pornography addiction recovery uniquely tailored for the female addict.

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