We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero.

We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero.

1st step: Checkout the IndieGoGo fundraising page http://www.indiegogo.com/hitmantohero

2nd step: Consider giving a donation to support Dan's next project. It’s super easy and will take almost no time at all.

3rd step: Like the Hit Man to Hero Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/HitMantoHero)

4th step: Spread the word! Use your voice via your Social Networking outlets  and then share your thoughts on the topic and feelings about the trailer.

GAD? Update 6_21_2012: Hit Man to Hero Trailer!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer:) Got some big news to share with you....

My current film, Hit Man to Hero, just launched our trailer and IndieGoGo campaign!! I told my producers that our friends would step up and support this fundraiser, so take about 5 minutes to check everything out and consider giving a little to help us finish this film!! http://bit.ly/MCwW7d

Screenings have slowed down for us a little since school got out, but we did end up winning the "Visionary Award" at the Awareness Film Festival in LA and just got back from a fun screening at the Gathering in Indianapolis!!!

We've had a few incredible interviews recently: We were absolutely blown away by Gregg Mullen and the team at HEC TV. Their story on GAD? was possibly our best story ever. You need to check it out !!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/ks5YXSpb . Also, here is an hour long interview with Dan on "World Poverty" with Lillian Brummet http://t.co/w6VIlMhc
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Update 5/2/12: GAD? in LA & Nigeria May 5th, WTS trivia night

Been a busy few months since you last heard from us!! We were occupied with screenings/presentations at Overflow Coffee Bar, the Africa World Doc Fest, SLU, Univ. of Oklahoma, Omaha Film Fest, Broadway Bean Coffee shop, LES Film Fest, Maryville Univ., MIIIE Conference, St. Louis Christian College, Univ. of Evansville, and Southeast MO State. With our new agent, Contemporary Issues Agency, we hope to continue to do many more next school year!! Let us know if you are interested in booking an event!

We want to invite all our LA friends to come out to our screening at the Awareness Film Fest in LA on May 5th at 7pm. Dan will be in town for the Biola Media Conference and will be at the screening for Q&A and merch sales. Check out the facebook event. Also that day our film will be screening at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Excited to hear how an African audience responds!
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GAD? Update 2_9_12 - New Festivals, screenings, Awards and updates on side projects

Our Spring tour is kicking in to gear and we have a ton of cool events and festivals coming up. We our official selection for the "Africa World Documentary Film Fest" and the "Omaha Film Fest." Here is our upcoming schedule:

Feb 23rd Overflow Coffee Bar in Chicago at 7pm (details here)
Feb 24th Africa World Documentary Film Fest, 7pm at St. Louis History Museum (details here)
Feb 29th University of Oklahoma 7pm
March 10th - Omaha Film Fest, 2pm (details  here)
March 29th - Midwest Institute (Private Event)
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GAD? Update 12_28_11

Happy Holidays! It's almost 2012!! Just wanted to follow up on our last update, tell you some cool facts about our 2011 Fall Tour, and some new exciting news about my next film!!

First, as we mentioned in our last update, we had three more big screenings left. Missouri state was the 1st. They treated us really incredible, fed us, and then about 100 students showed up to the film and we had our usual 30 min Q&A. On Dec 15th, we also had an great screening at the St. Louis Scholarship Foundation and they served some authentic African food to the group!

The big screening was our screening at Skepticon, the 2nd largest Athiest conference in the country. About 400 people came out and we received a standing ovation and had a lively Q&A. Check out the video for yourself:) http://bit.ly/u9U3v9
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Big Update!! 11_15_11

This last Saturday was a big day for GAD? and When the Saints. We had about 250 people come out to our morning screening at the St. Louis International Film Fest. All three of us were there for the Q & A .

Even bigger news was the success of the 'When the Saints' banquet . David had set a goal to raise $30,000 in one night towards the rehabilitation home in Malawi, and I wasn't sure if it was doable. The banquet had about 300 people show up, and at the end of the night David and his team had raised $28,368 and in the last few days has almost hit the $30,000 mark! What a night, this home is definitely getting built in Malawi to rescue young girls who are victims of sexual exploitation. Go to http://www.whenthesaints.com for more info...
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Give a Damn? Kicking A** and Taking Names

Rob here,

So it's been awhile since I've posted so I figured I'd write an update. So much has happened in the last two months and we are all excited with the film's progress. We are proud to announce that we won "Best Documentary Feature" at the Stella Artois Cinema STL Filmmakers Showcase, due largely to the enthusiasm of the fans that attended our sold out festival WIP(Work in Progress) debut.

The production of Give a Damn? over the last four years has been a roller coaster of accomplishment and disappointment which has tested our resolve on multiple occasions to complete the film that we set out to make.  There was a period of 3-4 months that I completely withdrew from the project due to frustration and the financial opportunity cost that were a byproduct of chasing our dream.  After watching the film with 440 people and receiving a standing ovation, I was overcome by a feeling of much needed closure and excitement. For the first time in many years I felt that sacrifice and struggle were finally overshadowed by success of the film. Dan and I were in attendance for this showing, however David was unable to attend because he was in Malawi working on his non-profit  "When The Saints".

Although Dan and I very much enjoyed the screening, it did not feel complete with David not in attendance.  Soon after the Tivoli screening, David returned to the country and now it is amazing to have had the full team present for the most recent screenings of the film.  Although we are all very different, we are starting to merge very well as a presentation team and the Q and A section of the film has been very strong because of that.

After years of begging the public to take notice, people are starting to pay attention and interest in the film seems to be exploding.  Although the film has not had it's official red carpet premiere, we are currently touring the WIP cut around the STL area at college and high school campus's.  The first two screenings at Washington University and Florissant Valley Community College were very well received and we are excited for the handful of dates that we have lined up in the next month or so. 

The other big news that I have is that we were excepted into Heartland International Film Festival as well as the St. Louis International Film Festival, taking place in October and November respectively.  Both are major film festivals (St. Louis is an Oscar qualifier) and needless to say we are extremely excited to be a part of these festivals.

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Give A Damn? Update 8_9_11 (Lots of GOOD news)

I will jump right into whats going on! Since the last update, we have put most of our focus into making our Advanced Screening on Aug 14th, 2:30pm at the Tivoli (considered by many the best independent theater in Saint Louis) a success!

Thus far we have over 200 people committed on facebook and have been all over the local news. Today I was live on Ch.2, yesterday Rob and I were on Ch.5, and yesterday we also had a fabulous article in the local paper. This Thursday we will be on Ktrs 550AM with McGraw Milhaven at 9am and then on Friday we will be on the local NPR news station around 11am. Follow our twitter if you want to know the exact details when we find out more!! Thinking we might come close to selling out the 400 seats:)
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Sample of Our Composer Ian Perry's Music

I just wanted to share some of our composers excellent music. This soundbite from the film plays our first day in Africa, as we enter the Kibera slum. Enjoy!!

A Blind Man Learning to Dodge Waves

There is a story in the Bible about a blind man that Jesus comes across and his
disciples ask why was the guy like that? Was it because of his own sin or the sin of his parents?

Sometimes people ask me similar questions. So do you think the film didn't go as planned because you didn't make it explicitly about God? Some people may think its my fault or other people on the teams fault that we didn't raise the money we originally planned to raise, got in the crash, or have not gotten into any major festivals. We always wonder when someone doesn't succeed whose to blame, just like the disciples did. Jesus response to the disciples question about the blind man always blows me away:

"This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." - Jesus

Jesus cut through all the blame and focused on the moment and said, "He is like this because of this one moment in history and how his healing, him coming out of this struggle, will lead to my glory."

I'm convinced that Give A Damn?'s destiny was to not be a story of pure success, where everything seemed to go our way. The way we were to glorify God was through overcoming the struggle...

So here how the things have gone: We had a sharp business plan, cool website and fun videos hoping that an investor would jump on board and fund our trip. No go. Then we decided to grassroots fundraise, and after 36 fundraisers and nearly a year, we just barely had enough money to do the trip. By that time I am burnt out on everything and the first month of the journey is a chance to decompress from the last few years and have a tangible practical goal to accomplish.

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