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How do you witness to an atheist without using the Bible?

I’ve got a friend who is a pretty strong atheist. I started witnessing to him a few months ago and I finally got him to go to church and at least think about God, but he seems to think it’s all a big joke. I have a hard time witnessing to him because he doesn’t believe that the Bible is true. I don’t know how else to witness to him except through the Bible. What should I do?

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While everyone has a free will, and you cant twist his arm to believe. Just Give it to God in Much Fervent prayer and continue to let him see Christ in you. : )
You did what god asked you to do now leave it with God. Pray-Pray- and Pray some more! : )

The evidence is all around, if only they(you) would seek,
seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened.

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If you understand, you will be more able to help others understand.

The truth is always true, for that is the very meaning of truth.

Offer these for your friend to ponder,

"You know very well that when you 'die' your body does not disappear because you are not your physical "flesh", rather your flesh is what is hosting your spirit/soul. You know very well that your body/flesh is still there, it does not "live" any longer, because that which was the "life", was your "spirit/soul", "the breath of life" which is then "departed" from the body/flesh which is left in the physical realm, that is if you happened to "pass away" in such a way that your body is still in one piece, as opposed to being incinerated."

Also, a person who understands and comprehends the very meaning of "spirit" and "soul" and acknowledges the truth that there IS a "soul/spirit", you perceive that it exists, and that it is true.

And likewise with "immortality", "holiness", "love", "righteousness", "integrity",
these things we all witness and testify to be true and it is evident, and that it is not such a "physical/substance" like a rock, or a tree. Therefore we understand and are testimony to the very "spiritual" things.

The truth is, there IS such a thing as "Holy", and "good" and "righteous" and "happiness", though we do not prove these things as we do by proving the existence of physical matter. Science does not prove anything "real", or more "real" than physical matter, for all science does is simply observe with the physical eye, it is oblivious to the "spirituality", it is ignorant to the "soul" and things that are MORE "Real" than physical matter, and physical flesh.

A person who truly distinguishes between one and another thing understands and knows that there is Good and Bad/Evil, Holy and unholy, sacred and profane. THERE IS G-D. Even science cannot deny the very nature of things, that the "universe", is "one" AND "Eternal"/"Infinite", and we who are faithful "know" and understand that The Lord G-d, The Holy Father, The Living G-d, is ETERNAL and EVER-LIVING, and that He Is "Ineffable", and also "ONE", and many others say a "UNITY".

Even those who have not read a word of scripture would testify to the very nature of things, that though they do not "believe" in something which people call "G-d", they do believe in a "higher power", as some people like to call it, even "athiests". And though some people do not accept the belief in something called "G-d", somehow they understand and comprehend the phenomena of "Karma", unknowingly confessing belief in "supernaturality".

Though "evolution" may explain the "evolving" of a species, it does not explain or comprehend the "origin" or "source" of all things, and the phenomena of existence itself. The Theory of General Relativity proposes that all things are composed of "space-time" and that revolution and rotation of spheres are cause from "warped" space-time. It is ignorant and oblivious to the reason of why it is "warped" and what being "warped" even means. They propose that the planets are pushed and not pulled, and if a person understands that when something is being pushed, it is an effect of an outside energy, outside force. and so if space-time itself is unable to move anything, and if we see clearly that things are being "moved", then it is because of an "outside" source that is "moving" space-time, the universe. Just as The Human body/flesh does not move or control itself, rather the "spirit/soul" controls.

People may not have heard before the many names of The Lord, "Eternal One, The Ineffable, Immaculate, Ever-Living One", "I AM", "I will be what I will be" , "I AM WHAT I AM", "THERE IS". THE LORD IS LIFE ITSELF. Men are comprised of mere dust and elements, It is THE LORD WHO gives Life, as The Lord "breathed' the "Breath of life" into Adam, and therefore created Man.

There are things possibly incomprehensible yet even what they do comprehend, they deny. Men comprehend "G-d" to some extent, Men comprehend "Spirit and Soul", Men comprehend, "Morality", "Holiness", "Evil", "Immorality", "Lewdness", "Wrongness". Is it not distraction that some men have not confronted the creation and existence of Morality? of Holiness? All creation has a Creator. And what is more real? The created or The Creator? Do you know any man that has created himself? begot himself?

These are only an ounce of what you can offer your friends to wonder, and to make them realize that laziness and unwillingness is what keeps a person from learning, being aware, understanding and finding truth.

There are people who do not even understand or believe in much simpler things which others plainly understand and know is true. How then can they expect to understand greater things?

There is good in humility, as it is taught by The Lord.
Is it not apparent that Knowledge is given to the humble and patient and is it not apparent that the arrogant and immoral lack knowledge? does not knowledge escape a man when a man clings to lust, greed, vanity, and forfeits wisdom?

Even so, these are like an ounce of what a man can ponder.

Try offering your friend these to wonder about, to start off.

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That's interesting, since the friend that you describe remind me of my friend. Lately, I have been trying to talk with him about the subject, but he prefers to do anything else, from cleaning the dishes to cooking pancakes with the nonstick griddle electric and even doing other hard chorse at the kitchen - he just doesn't want to hear about going to church or about God, so I'm pretty clueless to be honest with you.

We can say hat the a person is an aetheist through his or her actions and the way he or she speaks. We can easily identify them through those actions. - DR Marketing Group

For me my life would be a witness itself. What an atheist can see on your actions are really very important. - Kale Flagg

Atheism is based on baseless logics which i dont seem to understand.

I’ve got a friend who is a pretty strong atheist. I started witnessing to him a few months ago and I finally got him to go to church and at least think about God, but he seems to think it’s all a big joke. I have a hard time witnessing to him because he doesn’t believe that the Bible is true. I don’t know how else to witness to him except through the Bible. What should I do?
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He probably requires some kind of proof, something he can verify before he'll become a believer. In that particular case, I'd recommend Kent Hovind, you can find his seminar videos here:

Download them or just direct him to them. Once he's been through all the videos, his mindset would have changed, I guarantee it. Kent has a way of effectively packaging something that many people find hard to grasp.