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If we cant lose our salvation, why did Satan lose his?

It would seem, to me if we couldn't lose our salvation then there is no way Satan would have lost his salvation?
I know, Satan isn't a him or her, but for the sake of the question, run with it.

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Salvation Wasn't Satan's to Lose

The Calvinist responder did a nice job of zeroing in on the main point, mainly that angels (including fallen angels) don't have access to salvation the way we humans do. In order to accomplish our salvation, God took on the form of a human being, not an angelic being, so salvation is for humans alone. Beyond that, there just isn't any indication in Scripture that God has or ever had a salvation plan for angels, so in effect, salvation wasn't Satan's to lose.

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Heh. What makes you think we can't lose ours? (Yup, I'm dodging the question....for now!). : )

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Well, I think we first need to understand the theology behind "losing salvation". Judging by the phrasing in your question, I assume that you're coming from a Calvinistic theology. The question is along the lines of thinking something like "we are saved from sins past, present, and future". Continuing from that theological stance, I would say you also have incorporate ideas like pre-destination, irresistible grace, and especially the perseverance of saints to understand "true" salvation (regeneration, transformation, etc.). See THIS website for a good break down of the five points of Calvinism (basically a five point rebuttal of Arminianism, which would argue that we CAN lose salvation). That will help you answer the first part of your question about "losing salvation".

The second part seems much more simple to me. Jesus came to Earth to die for the sins of HUMANS. We (humans) are made in the likeness of God, and have free-will to accept his gift of grace or not. Satan is, obviously, not human and not made in the likeness of God. He is a fallen angel and was around before the creation of humans. I don't think that any angel can have "salvation" in the traditional sense. For one, they live in the presence and knowledge of God so they don't have free-will or faith in the same way that we do. There is no need to believe in something "invisible" since they are in the presence of God. Therefore, Satan did not have a "salvation" to lose, rather he rejected (continually rejects?) God, is a slave to his sinful pride, and is forced to live in hell (eternal separation from God).

Hope that helps!

Your question is a good one. However, I would replace the word "lose" with the word "reject."

Satan rejected God and chose himself.

There are actually many Christians who believe that humans can do this as well. It's called Arminianism. I suggest you check it out. Free Will Baptists believe this, as well as some General Baptists, not to mention Methodists and some other major denominations.

Some books that might be helpful are:

"Grace, Faith and Free Will" by Picirilli
"The Quest for Truth" by Forlines

God bless!

HEY! Their are many that talk about pointing our scriptures how if we choose to willfully sin after receiving the knowledge of truth then we will only loose treasures in heaven when we get their and also that we are saved if we have the holy spirit dwelling in us no matter what we do. They said that we become saved by faith and the faith has works or else it is dead and isn't faith and after that we receive the holy spirit but what if we decide to not follow god and that faith anymore but just decide to lead our fleshly and sinful lives? I am totally confused because their are scriptures to back up many side of the stories and it also speaks about ye must be born again to inherit the kingdom of God.

once saved always saved could not get out of it even if you tried and sinned like a whore dog all the rest of your life and did not witness to one soul but you lead a many to be watchdogs too.yeah your secured in Christ GOD will drag you too heaven kicking Ada screaming whether you want too go are not.
man that got too be the stupidest theology i ever heard once saved all way saved i am not god and i know better than that to take some one against there will here on earth so what makes any one think that god would do that.
you got to be kidding me man you all need to read the new testament pray to Jesus Christ for understanding and read the new testament again and read the king James version all the other have twisted ,changed,removed,10's of thousands of things in the scriptures of the kjv that's way every body is so messed up and you can not trust the foot notes either so get the kjv with out foot is not hard to read even a 3rd grader can read a king jimmy.even the nkjv has more 1000 changes in go to dial the truth ministries,or avpublication ,to see all the changes

I came across your comment and was interested to know who you are. I graduated from FWBBC and it brought a smile to my face to see Dr. Picirilli and Dr. Forlines' names. May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It may appear as I'm dodging the question but here is my take on it. The bible says to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. I do not understand all of Gods ways or everything but I do know where I stand in my faith and belief in Christ. If we all were to just trust Jesus and work out our salvation with fear and trembling, we shouldn't have to worry about "losing" our salvation. As I mentioned above I apologize if I dodged a question but this is my take on it. I'm saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. My faith is demonstrated by my works and each and everyday I work out my salvation with reverence to the God that saved me from my sin. Bible says if we confess our sins He is just to forgive us our sins. Therefore I confess my sins before the High priest who is Jesus Christ. I'm sure if all Christians just followed this pattern and put aside us trying to understand every single little detail, we'd be ok.

It is just because he want to have the throne of God, he wants to be higher than Jesus. That is why he lose his salvation. - Tawny Tucci

Satan loss his salvation because he wants to be in the throne of Jesus. He betrayed Jesus as well. - Incredible Discoveries

In the Book of Job, ha-Satan is a member of the Divine Council, "the sons of God" who are subservient to God. Ha-Satan, in this capacity, is many times translated as "the prosecutor", and is charged by God to tempt humans and to report back to God all who go against His decrees.-954-691-1102

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