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Which is the true church?

There are so many denominations and churches out there, and they all seem to have different views. How do I know the church I am attending is the right church? Is there a "true" church?

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The Answer Is in the Word

First of all, there's a clue in the word "church" that helps us get to the heart of the "true church." The word “church” in the New Testament comes from the Greek word, ekklesia, which means “to call out.” The only two references in the Gospels are from Jesus (Matthew 16:18 and 18:17).

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I don't feel God is concerned with how you worship him but your faith and belief in him. I think that if the church follows the guidelines of the Bible then it is a good church.

A true church is a group of believers who have the same faith and who accepts Jesus as the way the truth and the life. - J. Kale Flagg