Endorsement from Fernando Rodriguez

5 Stars

Ernie is not intimidating and is a darn good listener. Throughout the coaching process, I discovered my real self, which took courage and honesty. I am now able to relate to people on a whole new level. Not knowing my true self kept me from relating to others on anything other than the surface.

Now I don't spend time in unhealthy relationships since I am able to set boundaries and decipher what is healthy or unhealthy in my life. The confidence I gained through the coaching process is tremendous. We took things slow and didn't try to change everything all at once which can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to failure. Ernie has been through so much and was perceptive to my pace. As a result of his patience and non-forceful way of teaching, I was able to arrive at my own conclusions. As Ernie said you can't tell someone to change, you have to teach them to change. This style of coaching worked wonders for me and