Galatians: Walking in God's Grace
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With their trademark humor, deep respect for the authority of Scripture, and penetrating insights into current trends, bestselling authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz help readers understand the serious problems Paul addressed in his letter to the Galatians and the practical solutions he provided.

Legalism was a huge issue as the church grew from a Jewish sect into a multiethnic movement, and it continues to plague the church today. What is the essence of the gospel, and how does it relate to contemporary culture? What is authentic spirituality, and how can people experience it? What’s the difference between following a religion and having a life–changing faith in God? Bruce and Stan show that the apostle Paul’s answers to these questions and his presentation of God’s grace speak just as forcefully to twenty–first century believers as they did to his original readers.

Concise chapter summaries and penetrating questions make this study perfect for individual study or groups.

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   |   Not Quite 101

In preparation for a preaching and Bible study series on Galatians I bought and borrowed several books. Many of my parishioners are timid about Bible Study, so I chose this one in a series entitled Christianity 101. The material is well-presented in 13 chapters. It leans to the conservative side theologically. I'm not sure I would recommend it to someone starting out in Bible Study, though, since many of the study questions are somewhat advanced - they assume the reader has more than a 101 working knowledge of theology.