Give Your Kids the Keys
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Christian parents would love to connect their kids’ lives with God, but most don’t have the tools they need to make God a moment-by-moment reality in their family. In Give Your Kids the Keys, parents will find all they need to integrate God’s presence into every aspect of their family’s life! They will better understand the stages of their children’s spiritual development and be inspired by a holistic vision of their kids’ potential to connect deeply with God at any age. And once they grasp the “big picture” of their family’s life with God, moms and dads will discover practical ideas for fun, meaningful activities that will allow each family member to experience God’s amazing presence.

Adam and Karie Stadtmiller have been in ministry together for more than 15 years, serving in various organizations around the world. They currently minister at North Coast calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, California, where Adam oversees the 30-something ministry and the Discipleship Training Center.

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A challenging book about parenting that introduces some new ideas. Having something new and fresh to say about a topic that already has a million books shelved and a billion opinions expressed is tough to accomplish. The Stadtmillers may have pulled it off in Give Your Kids The Keys. While I certainly don't agree with all of their theology, especially their hearing God's voice beliefs, I was more than challenged and encouraged by the overall direction they have taken in parenting.

Love this book! I've bought extra copies to give to friends and now, we're starting a morning study group to review a chapter a week and do the online group questions. I'm excited to see the enhancements in my parenting and in my children! As a mother of four (ages 7-17) I constantly watch the world wide eyed, in fear, and point out to my kids the pitfalls to avoid. What if I could learn better training tactics?

Give Your Kids the Keys is a great book for anyone who has a desire to see their kids own their faith. I am a mom of three kids, ages 8, 6 and 1. This book has encouraged me with practical tools for helping my kids to own their faith, to seek God on their own, and to see the power of God in their lives.

Give Your Kids The Keys really encouraged me about raising Godly children in today's world. We always want to keep kids safe from harm, but we can also be so protective that it is difficult for kids to learn how to make good decisions on their own. Parents with a solid Christian foundation can teach their kids to grow in faith at an early age and apply the truth of the gospel in every area of their life. It was very refreshing to learn about what we can teach kids that will enable them to transform their world, not just stay out of trouble!

I had the pleasure of meeting Adam and Karie Stadtmiller and their kids while I was a Barista in a Coffee House filling the gap needed to pay for my four kid's tuition at Catholic School. Adam is a very tall man who looks like he should be a boxer not a pastor. I know that beneath his rugged exterior is a gentle man who would ask me to "add a little water" to his "too strong" coffee. We became fast friends, and I often teased him by offering him "old lady coffee" ...