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Will Christians Go Through the Tribulation?

I have a question for you that has been bothering me and I hope you can help. I have always heard that we will be raptured before the tribulation, but recently I have heard that we are going to go trough the tribulation. Now, to tell you the truth this kind of freaks me out a little. I am not sure what to believe, please help?

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There are at least two different views on this issue

There are at least two different views on this issue of when the rapture will take place.. There is one view that says all believers (the church) will be raptured prior to the great tribulation. This is called the pre-tribulational view. If you hold this view, then the elect, or chosen ones, Jesus was talking in Matthew 24:22 will be those who are saved during the tribulation. It will be for their sake that the tribulation will be cut short.

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Everyone will experience tribulations in life. There is no exception. Everyone is equal actually. - Joe Aldeguer

In my opinion, everyone will experience this one. It is in the bible actually. - Steven C Wyer

No one is excepted with the Tribulation and it was state in the Bible. Just believe to our creator above all and don't doubt just believe. - lifedance cebu

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