Erica Monge
How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward. — Spanish proverb
30 years old
Orange County
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Costa Rica
Vanguard University
Vanguard University
Vanguard University
Vanguard University
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Welcome to Our Networking With A Purpose is a place to connect your faith to news, culture and community. My hope is that you find to be a great place to find knowledge and connect with other people of faith who share your same passions.

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Since there's so much to say and I'm wasting most of my space with an unnecessary preliminary introduction, I think I will just leave it at that.
writing, reading, netflixing sci fi tv shows with my husband, dancing in the kitchen with my kids, languages, rock climbing (whenever I get the rare opportunity), travel
comic books, mythology and culture development, languages, theology, philosophy, social justice culture change
DC Talk album Free At Last, still a favorite! I also happen to think that the lead singer for Nickleback has a sexy voice. I like indie girl punk rock (is that a real genre?) and celtic hymnody.
Authors: Mark Twain, Jack London, Robert Frost, Francine Rivers
MA Theology/Biblical Studies :: Fuller Theological Seminary 2008 BA International Business :: Vanguard University 2000
Writing Coach | Strategic and Creative Direction