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How could God not have a beginning

I have a question that was given to me today at work during lunch by one of my fellow coworkers that quite frankly I didn’t know how or what to answer. Can you help me out? The question was, “How can a being such as God not have a beginning?”

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Well, I'll have to you give a quick answer, but you could research it (I would advise looking at the site of William Lane Craig) further yourself. But it would in a way be like this:
God is the maker of the universe. He thereby created time, space and matter. Time and space can only be created from outside time and space itself. Thereby God has to be outside time, space and matter, which opens up the possibility for him to be eternal, while the universe cannot. And as so, be without a beginning.

I would like to, again add to this, that my answer really short. But I'm sure William Lane Craig's website can help further.

In addition to agreeing with the first comment made, we all must come to a point where we have to admit and accept that He is eternal. It's like man trying to find the highest number in infinity. We know infinity goes on and we cannot ever calculate that number and it would be futile to attempt to. So we just have to accept the fact that we can never calculate the highest number in infinity. Similarly, once we come to know God has made us all we must accept that God was and always is. There's no crazy philosophy behind it but rather it comes from the assurance in accepting that simple fact just.

Science can’t provide an answer. Nobody was there in the beginning and we can’t measure precisely what happened so there’s no way to prove what happened. It’s actually a philosophical question. Dr. Paul Perito

Please excuse my simple and crude interpretation of philosophy and laws of nature as it applies to God.

Check out R.C. Sproul's series "The Consequence of Ideas" he discusses philosophical concepts discusses the Law of Causality/Causation (or cause and effect). For every effect there must be a cause.

God (the cause) creates all that exists and is the ultimate cause of all we perceive and know in our finite time (the effects). Since God eternal and is the ultimate cause of everything in our world, he needs no cause (or starting point). This is also known as Omnicausality.

God is only truth in this world .He is responsible for birth and death .We are human we can only imagine but what is in reality is something away form our imagination .

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God alone is the beginning for me. He is the creator of heavens and earth. - Wesley Upchurch