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Doing Less Equals Being More

I love to write. And it takes a lot of time to write.  I roughly have 18,000 full-time jobs. I’m a full-time wife, full-time mom, and full-time home maker with a full-time job! It goes without saying (yet here I am saying it; that’s how smart I am you lucky reader you), I struggle to find the time to wash my hair thoroughly let alone to write a blog. Most days something has to give - either for lack of time or lack of energy - and unfortunately for me in this season, it's the writing I've had to hang up like a vintage 1989 telephone.

All that to say:  Life. Is. BUSY. Can I get a witness?

When I read about Jesus' life and the way He lived, it looks so different than mine. And to be real honest with you, the differences I see don’t sit so well (like when I binge eat an entire box of cookies from Trader Joe’s. Why do Joe-Joe’s hate me so much? Why?).

There are vast differences like when Jesus would get up early to meet with and talk to God, setting the tone for a new day. My early morning hours look a lot like smacking the snooze on the phone. Once. Okay maybe twice. It’s 3 time’s people! Jesus says not to judge! Lay off me!

And differences like when Jesus had plans to go somewhere or be with someone, He allowed for interruptions along the way.  Well you can forget that.  I have a stealth laser focus on one thing or one person at a time and tend to miss all the others things and more importantly, all the other people. Frankly, interruptions are annoying.

But Jesus, you know Him, the God of the Universe and the One who holds all things together, is the busy one. Yet, the Bible tells us God never sleeps. He never bats an eye. I’m not even sure He blinks. He never stops His hot pursuit of you and me. And from the get-go of creation, there He rested on the 7th day.

Now I don't know what rest for God looks like exactly, but I do believe it has something to do with His desire to be with His creation. He delights - or has great joy - when being with His creation; you and me. Maybe this is why He decided to rest the day after creating Adam. To enjoy spending time with Him and all He had so wonderfully made.

And I don't think it's without purpose and profound reason God would later instruct the Israelites - His peeps - to rest, or to take Sabbath, at the on start of a new week.

What if God doesn't just want us to rest up after a long, tiring, busy work week by napping and slumming on the coach watching HGTV? What if He wants to get into a rhythm with us of enjoying His company as much as He enjoys ours and as a way to sustain us through the busyness of an upcoming week?

What if by resting He's saying to you, "I see YOU. I want to hang out with YOU. You can tell me what's on your mind.  I'll listen and together WE can enter a new week.  I've got your back. I'll be right beside you."

Do you believe deep down in your gut God loves you enough, He desires to hang out with you?

My two year old son Justice had a nap fail today. By dinner he was so tired, every word out of him was gripped with frustration and whine. Oh the whine. As his mom, it breaks my heart to see him so miserably tired and it breaks my ears to hear the whine. Poor baby just needed to rest.  He barely made it through dinner and bath before he crashed hard in his little crib. Sleep baby, sleep!

Confession: my behavior doesn't look much different than Justice's did tonight when I haven't started my week resting, delighting, offering gratitude and my devotion to God. When I’m over worked, over tired, stretched too thin, I inevitably feeling burned out and like I'm doing everything I do poorly. I whine in frustration and want to fall flat on my face in bed. Cute right? Not cute!

This way of living is selfish and childish. The world becomes about me and what I want and what I’m not getting. It’s ugly.

Taking the time to rest with God not only sustains us through yet another week without crashing hard, in some awesome supernatural-only-God-can-do-sort-of-way, it creates space for God to reveal more of Himself and His goodness to us. And knowing God changes us. Rather than morph into cranky toddlers, we morph into looking more and more like Jesus. Our eyes open to those around us. We have more “time” to allow for interruptions. Some of the most powerful healings Jesus did were the unexpected ones; they were for those who interrupted Jesus.

God is a math whiz you guys. Doing less actually equates to being more when using Kingdom math. Starting each day and every week with God, reminds us He is our creator, sustainer and the giver of every perfect gift in our lives. Recognizing this opens our eyes to see who God is, who we are and why we are on this planet. (Some of you are from different planets. A different blog for a different day).

Rest with God friends. Make it a weekly or a daily priority. Start with five minutes. Sit in silence. Talk His ear off. Listen to a worship song. Read your Bible. Use the YouVersion Bible app and listen to the Bible read over you. Just start somewhere and watch your days and weeks change. Watch YOU change. And because God is awesome and He does awesome things, watch the lives of those around you change too!

Be blessed!

I gave you some ideas of ways to start resting with God. How do you find time to slow down and how would you add to the list above?

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