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Interruptions and Healing

Most of the time when Jesus healed, performed miracles and had life altering encounters with people, it was unplanned and an interruption in His day.

My favorite interruption story is found in Luke 8. Jesus is on His way to heal a sick girl when someone in a large crowd touched the hem of his robe. He stopped and asked who touched Him. Despite the emergency of the dying girl before Him, Jesus stopped, turned towards the woman who touched Him and the Bible tells us “she told why she had touched Him…” We don’t know how long the woman poured out her story to Jesus. We do know she was physically healed of chronic bleeding the second she touched Jesus’ robe and we see by Jesus’ response to her sharing when He says, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace” she found healing in her soul.

Once forced to live outside the city walls and because Jesus allowed for an interruption, she instantly became “Daughter” and part of the family of God.

As the woman poured her heart out to Jesus, the sick child died. Jesus performs another miracle and brings life back to her.

When we read the Gospel stories with interruption goggles on, we spot them throughout. Jesus always had time for people who He encountered; those planned and unplanned.

My son Justice is at an age – 22 months – where he really lights up and gets excited over new adventures whether it’s a trip to the zoo or a train ride through the local park. It’s dawned on me recently, as I get him ready for these little excursions, he has no idea what will unfold each day. He is completely dependent upon me to plan out his days and lead the way regardless of where we end up and what we do.

At some point in our lives, planning our days becomes a must. And in many respects, it’s wise to keep a calendar and stay on top of our commitments, deadlines and do our best to manage our busyness in a healthy manner.  And if we aren’t careful, we can become so tied to our calendar and our plans, we become blind to anything or anyone not penned into our day.

I find so much joy getting my son ready for the day’s next adventure. He’s too young to understand what lies ahead and because he trusts me, he goes along with it and we have great, adventurous days together. How much more does God, our heavenly Father, delight in walking alongside us throughout our days? He is the author of Adventure and the God of divine appointment and healing.

May I always be eager – like my son is at the start of each new day – and willing to go along for the ride with God and allow for interruptions in my schedule.

And who knows? The interruptions just may be the thing that brings about the healing touch of the living Christ in someone’s life.

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